Wendy Perring

Reflections; The Community and New Sectors

Exploring New Sectors We love tackling interesting projects at PAD studio, even more so when they are in new sectors. So when Harbour Church , a young vibrant HTB church plant, based in Portsmouth and surrounding areas, approached us we were extremely excited. They had a desire to look at a major refurbishment and revitalisation Reflections; The Community and New Sectors

Reflections; Goldman Sachs 10KSB

Following on from our news roundup, Wendy Perring (Founder & Design Director) reflects on her experience completing Goldman Sachs 10KSB. When a friend recommended that I apply for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business UK I was unconvinced. Unconvinced that the business of running an architecture practice would be considered a serious enough endeavour by Reflections; Goldman Sachs 10KSB

BOA #3 – Collaborative Process

Talking to Stephen Hart of Etch UK in our last blogpost, BOA #2, prompted us to reflect on how our first collaborative venture, over ten years ago, shaped the way that we now see collaboration with those whom we work. Collaboration; (noun -WORKING WITH): the situation of two or more people working together to create BOA #3 – Collaborative Process

BoA #2 – What makes a client a good collaborator?

Recently we have teamed up with Etch UK, a leading digital and brand agency based in Southampton. Etch are assisting us with business development and empowering us with tools to upscale, as well as working on a practical level and managing our accounts. This collaboration between PAD studio and Etch initially began when we commissioned BoA #2 – What makes a client a good collaborator?

BoA #1 – Core Purpose

To celebrate the emergence of our new website, we are launching a series of insights relating to the Business of Architecture. The title of which is borrowed from collaborator Rion Willard’s podcast channel of the same name. Through these posts, we will be reflecting on PAD studio’s last eighteen months of mentoring, collaboration and development, BoA #1 – Core Purpose

IO5: Importance of Flexibility in Design

oak kitchenette

Clients often request that we consider future-proofing. A degree of flexibility needs to be included from the start of the design process to ensure the building can adapt to the needs which evolve over time. As the Tennis pavilion developed in construction, items were added into the scope to allow the building to respond to IO5: Importance of Flexibility in Design

IO4: Importance of Outside Space

The importance of having access to outside space for our mental health and wellbeing has been well studied in recent years; from parkland to the small urban courtyard and larger rural gardens. Whilst it might not always be practical or possible to have a large garden, including some oasis and connection with nature is something IO4: Importance of Outside Space

IO3: Importance of Landscaping in our homes

A building should never just appear abruptly ‘plonked’ on the land. For a building to be successful the architecture and landscaping must be tightly intertwined. Good building design should enhance its setting, making the best aspects of the site stronger and be crafted to be as environmentally positive as possible. When working on Paragraph 79 IO3: Importance of Landscaping in our homes

IO2: Importance of Natural Light in our Homes

Light as an integral tool in the design process

IO1: Importance of Design in our Homes

The intrinsic relationship between Landscape and Architecture

A month on…

Open plan oak kitchen

It is hard to quite believe a month has passed already since lockdown started. At the start, aside from everyone’s obvious health and welfare worries, being a business owner gave me other concerns – how would this ‘new normal’ impact PAD studio?

A new decade at PAD studio and a vision for success:

2020 has started with a bang at PAD studio! In the first week of the new year we have received two successful planning outcomes, submitted four tenders for exciting community and residential projects, been longlisted for the RIBA McEwan Award, interviewed for a new PAD studio team member and been published in a magazine. Throughout A new decade at PAD studio and a vision for success: