Insights; Our B-Corp journey continues

Published on 28th December 2022 by Collette Raine

“We are in the midst of the evolution of capitalism from a century focused on maximizing short-term shareholder value to one focused on maximizing long-term shared value.” ― Ryan Honeyman, The B Corp Handbook: How to Use Business as a Force for Good

In June we wrote about our journey towards Becoming a B-Corp accredited architectural practice. B-Corp accreditation is awarded to businesses that balance commercial success and purpose. To pass the assessment and become a certified B-Corp you must undertake a lengthy and rigorous process covering governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. 

Since beginning the process in the spring, we have spent considerable time reviewing our core processes and compiling evidence. Evidence which demonstrates our accountability for various social and environmental performance factors. After passing the Evaluation Stage we are now into the Verification Stage. This is approximately a 4-week process where we have typically spent an average of 2-4 hours each week dedicated to the process, compiling evidence and reviewing our processes.

Verification Stage

We entered the Verification stage in early December and are working through the assessment as we write. This stage involves a review call with our assigned Verification Analyst to discuss our assessment and an in-detail review of our documentation. Already it is causing us to analyse everything we do and to ensure we are doing our best. As Verification is such a rigorous process it is not uncommon for companies to earn a verified score of less than 80 on their first assessment (the required pass mark being 80). As a result, entering the verification stage does not guarantee certification – no pressure PAD. However, we are excited to continue the journey and hopefully become a Certified B-Corporation by our tenth birthday in March.

Through positive impact across all stakeholders, workers, communities, customers, and our planet, B Corps transform the economic system for the better. With now over 4,800 B Corps redefining what success looks like in business, we are excited to be going through the process to join them.

The certification marks the culmination of a significant journey. A journey of measuring, managing and improving our impact. Achieving this will show that we practice what we preach and will see us join the dynamic and supportive community of like-minded companies in the UK and across the world.

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